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Reproducability is key in academic research. 👨‍🎓

Yet, having someone setting up their environment to match what I have on my Mac to be able to work properly would take a few hours, and then would result in libraries installed globally and so on = not fun 🤯

Docker to the rescue?

Most tutorials (the one that comes with Docker-download, youtube-tutorial, some R-specific ones: 1, 2, 3, 4) and guides tell you a very neat story. This is not that. But this may be similar to what you may expect at some point.


Getting back to writing into thesis-writing mode, combining it with some of the knowledge gained from outside academia 👨‍🎓 has been… a ride 🎢

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


The planning and writing-process since my first Master-thesis in Econometrics/Statistics in 2013 has been tough, but now I’m seeing the light.

As basically a lonely solo-project, you get to decide everything, you can learn… a lot.

Very few learnings were the ones I expected, and related to the thesis topic. Many were combining work-learnings and tools (some from software engineering, some not), putting academic work-processes in perspective.

  1. True “Agile” — Don’t force your first direction and adjust…

In 2015–2016 I was based in Beijing working in HIV/AIDS research for the Chinese government, through a year long conference — at least that was the visa type I was on.

[… continuation from part 1] The second part — 大红色, Big Red Color (direct translation from Chinese for ‘China red’), slowly brings in this more saturated experience that is more representative of life in this city, in terms of both color and the amount of movement through the frames.

Update: It did not go fully according to plan — the pictures became messy, so a 1:1 aspect ratio was…

I recently needed a custom way to show geographic location data that would pop a bit for a CV site. The end result being as seen in the GIF below.

This article will walk you through the steps from inspiration, data preparation and implementation using WebGL through THREE.js.

The example code will be a stripped down version of the globe I needed for my specific use case, but will render the same geometries, but not go into the panning and animations — allowing for a more coherent and sequential code. I will still hint at which attributes that can be…

Jonas Tillman

Data analyst and javascripter. Dabbles in other things as well.

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